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PowerPoint Backgrounds: Hints & Tips

Adding PowerPoint Background Themes

Adding and switching between PowerPoint’s own ready-made background themes is quick and easy…

  • Start by clicking on the “Design” tab, then simply select the theme you like

  • More themes are located by click the down arrow located here…..

  • Select the background theme that best suits what you are looking for

Adding a Custom Background

You can also add a custom background to your PowerPoint slides

  • Click the “Design” tab then click the “Format Background” icon on the right hand side

  • Let’s start by looking at how to insert a picture as our background. In the “Format Background” box, click “Picture or texture fill”, then, just below this, click “File…” to choose where to insert the picture from.

  • In this example I’m going to select the Tulips file and click “Insert”

  • Just be aware, at this point your picture may not be visible if you have already selected a standard PowerPoint background prior to this. By ticking the box marked “Hide background graphics” you will reveal your chosen picture.

  • Another background option available to us is the “Gradient fill” option in the Format Background box. A gradient fill is an effect that blends colours together with a fade inserted where they meet. Let’s have a look…


Feel free to comment with your own hints, tips or experiences…


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